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I think my blood pressure is high. Getting angry more often. My control over my anger are held by thin, fragile strings. I’m scared that one day soon, I’ll snap at an innocent stranger. What’s wrong? I feel everything is wrong. From head to toe to the people surrounding me, be it strangers or close friends. I just feel like lashing out at every single thing. I don’t know if it’s caffeine overload either.

I feel like doing what Kecik is doing in the photo except more violent…


3 years


Whoa… After 3 years I’m back… Can’t believe that i still have this account… lol.. After typing these few lines, I’m out ideas on how to put everything into words… Where do I begin? currently this song is playing in my head… 알면서 그래 by MBLAQ… Should I turn this blog into a place where I can talk all things Korean?



i dunno why but recently i loaded my mp3 player with sad sappy love songs.. even now i’m listening to a fool’s tears by big bang while typing this entry.. maybe my age is catching up with me? i feel like getting married and have a child.. wondering how my child will look like? how he/she wld react wen he/she grip my little pinky with his/her whole hand… cute, right? hahaha… maybe my maternal instinct has deemed to develop now instead of earlier or maybe like my friends always tell me, i’m probably thinking too much.. but i’m not getting younger.. i watched Let’s Get Married/ We Got Married recently.. i watched it because of Andy as i’m a big fan of Shinhwa.. Andy and Solbi are so cute together but the couple who really touched me is Alex and Shin Ae.. They really are falling in love…  Their moments together are very sweet.. hehehe.. they can make it into a movie or something and i believe many would go and watch.. sure i didn’t like shin ae at first cos i was not interested to know what happen.. i like alex because of his fine body and that’s about it. but through this show, i found out how sweet alex is in caring about shin ae who had been hurt so many times in the past. how alex managed to get shin ae to open up to him, how alex dropped so many hints that he likes shin ae.. hehehehe.. the scene where he only knows the chorus of this particular song.. ~ i wanna kiss you~ .. that’s what he sang to shin ae when they were preparing a picnic and also when they were in Alex’s recording studio..

p/s: thanks to coolsmurf in youtube for subbing all of the episodes of Let’s Get Married/ We Are Married.

Super Junior Don’t Don


don’t don

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Pelvic thrusts!!!!!!! hehehehehehe… can’t find new videos on super junior so i’m rewatching their old vids… i’m watching don’t don while typing this and i’ve got to say the dance for this vid is one of their most powerful dance ever!!! hahahaha… no words could describe it.. i think only fans of suju would understand how i feel…



The reason I chose this theme was because I really like the movie Casshern which was featured on this theme.. Right now I’m at home resting cos of the flu bug.. to i ‘ll drop by at work later cos i’ve tonnes of stuff to do but well, my parents told me not to.. cos if anything happen while i’m supposed to be at home resting, nobody is responsible for it except me….. Oh well, i can always go to work 2moro…

I can’t wait for Super Junior to come and perform here in Singapore… read somewhere that they are coming here in may but i don’t know the exact date though.. hehehehe… i live to see Super Junior… Totally crazy about them andmostly korean stuff..

 My fren/colleague knew i like korean stuff so he decided to give me a korean name derived from my real name… kinda like my real name translated to korean… he was the one who gave me this name – su jepun.. cos he thought i like japanese stuff..

My korean name is Cha Ji-Hoon… it is actually far from my real name though..